Cycling Gift Guide #1 – The Basics

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 Do you have a cyclist you are buying a gift for this winter but have no idea what to get them? We’re here to help!
1. Dropper Post (if they don’t have one already). This is for the mountain bikers out there. As someone who gives mountain bike instruction regularly, I can safely say that there is not one piece of equipment that is more necessary to help take a rider’s ability to the next level than this! Being able to get the saddle out of the way to create “bike body” separation is key to being able to use the bike as a tool for fun rather than to be a passenger on it! When you are buying one of these you can expect to spend between $300 and $500 and will need to know a few pieces of information: what size the seat post is that the rider currently has, what length seat post you need (your Local Bike Shop can help with this) and which cable routing the bike will need (internal or external).

 2. Cycling Shorts If you are looking for a no-brainer good gift idea for any type of cyclist think about purchasing a pair of padded cycling shorts. I am speaking for the men here, but I know many of us will run cycling shorts until they are falling apart and nearly require a hazmat suit to handle. This is a piece of equipment that gets used and abused heavily during each and every ride. Spoil your cycling friend, family or significant other with a fresh pair of padded cycling shorts. You can snag a good pair for between $80 and $130. If you are buying padded cycling shorts for the mountain biker, check out Sombrio’s Smuggler Bib Short, these sweet shorts have 3 storage compartments sewn in just above the butt to store water bottles, food, or any other trail necessities.
3. NEW TIRES! Whether you are a mountain biker or road biker, a new set of rubber is always a welcome addition. There are so many tires out there with different tread patterns, rubber compounds and sidewall compositions, that you can easily change the ride quality of any bike with some new tires. For mountain bikers focused on trail riding 
we like the Maxxis Minion DHF in the front and Maxxis DHR 2 in the rear; having this combination will give your rider the assurance they need to ride that section of trail that has given them trouble! Depending on the type of compound and rubber compound these tires can range from $45 to $75.
4. Some good eye protection! I see so many cyclists out on the trails and on the roads without any sort of eye protection and that is just plain stupid. There are low lying tree branches, mosquito flying around, dust in the air, and your buddy blowing out a snot rocket in front of you! A little bit of eye protection can go a long way. I am personally a fan of the Ryder eyeware because they offer a great product at a reasonable price. Be sure to get a pair of their glasses with a good anti-fog lense (especially for mountain bikers who stopping and starting often). You can get a good pair of glasses for $80.
5. Experiences! What is probably the one reason why every cyclist rides their bike?? For the experience of it! We offer a whole range of services from multi-day skills retreats
to hourly mountain bike or gravel touring and instruction. We’re currently offering an amazing Black Friday deal beginning on Monday, 11/20, with another offer on Friday, 11/25. Let us help your favorite cyclist revolutionize their experience!

We hope that these gift ideas are helpful and if you have any questions about any of the ideas or others feel free to email us! Thanks so much and happy holidays!