Gift Guide #2: The New Cyclist

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Thanks for stopping in for the second installment of our cycling gift guide. Today we will be guiding you through some purchases for the New-to-cycling cyclist.

Let’s start at square one, a balance bike! These are bikes that have no pedals and generally are designed for young children to help them develop their sense of balance before dealing with the complications of gears, brakes or pedals. A few years ago my wife and I gave our nephew a balance bike for Christmas and it was much more than just giving a gift or item that they may throw to the side in a few months time. This is a gift that can help put forth the foundation for a life long of healthy and happy habits. I wish when I was growing up there were cool looking balance bikes; I was stuck with a huffy that I spray painted and which caused me multiple leg lacerations because training wheels never did the job as well as they were intended to do. Cannondale makes one of the coolest looking balance bikes out there with their single sided fork, affectionately known as the Little Lefty on this bike. This cool looking bike will have youngsters eager to engage in healthy lifestyle choices from an early age.

A new helmet! Anyone that has spent any time with me will know that I am a stickler for helmets; there is no piece of equipment that is more important than something that is going to save your noggin! Everyday on the trails I see some poor sap riding with a mid-90’s Styrofoam facade of a helmet that would not do much at all to take an impact. A good rule of thumb is to replace your helmet every three year, this will assure that the helmet will take the impact the way it was designed, it will also keep you up on the latest fashion trends :).  When looking for a helmet find one with MIP’s technology, this is an added layer of protection that has been shown to reduce the incidence of brain injury in impacts. 

Finally, some instruction! There has never been a better time to be a biker, the technology that is available to riders at the prices that it is makes it very attractive to get into cycling. That being said, you can have all the best equipment in the world but without proper education you won’t get the full benefits of your sweet new bike or equipment. Think about it this way, you have an awesome new Google Pixel 2 XL phone designed using all the best hardware, but it is using a Window’s 95 operating system, now that wouldn’t be too awesome would it? There is a foundation of knowledge that can learned at the beginning of a riders activity career that can help shape a safer and more confident cyclist. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the gift suggestions above please feel free to email us or call/text 802.427.3154 .

Thanks and hope you are all having a Happy Holiday Season!