Collin was born in Florida, but grew up in Bridgewater, Connecticut. His naval and commercial pilot father gave him a taste of adventure growing up, and once he started mountain biking he was hooked. After graduating high school, Collin headed to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and founded the Mountain Bike Club while there. Upon graduation, Collin’s love of adventure and biking led him to Colorado and Moab, Utah, before taking a stint traveling across the country as field marketing manager with a large bike company.

Caitlin grew up in Ridgefield, CT and moved to Rome, Italy at age 18 to pursue adventure. She immediately knew that Rome was home, and transferred to the American University of Rome after her initial semester abroad. After a year of living in the city, she became a tour guide, which to this day remains her dream job. She eventually started a small tour company with a friend, and for 6.5 years thoroughly enjoyed life in Rome. In 2011, Caitlin returned to the US to obtain her Italian citizenship, in order to eventually move back to Italy as a citizen.

In a twist of fate, Caitlin met Collin while home in CT and the rest is history!

After they met and got engaged, the idea of traveling constantly seemed less appealing, and they settled in East Burke, VT. What they didn’t anticipate was falling in love with the area, and decided to combine their passions and talents to create Kingdom Experiences.

Collin is deeply passionate about mountain biking, and Caitlin is deeply passionate about creating amazing experiences for people of all different backgrounds and interests.

Kingdom Experiences, Mountain Bike Skill Camps and Tours in Vermont