Being a Mountain Bike Instructor Is My Dream Job

When I was 15 years old I remember taking a different mindset in life. It all started when I was constantly being asked what I wanted to be when I was older. Every time I simply just answered “I want to be happy.” This was different than the answers from my peers. Some people did not take me seriously, but I was not trying to be amusing. For me to achieve happiness in life I had to live life to its full potential by living every day and all day.

At an early age I developed a strong interest in the outdoors through mountain biking and skiing. Mountain biking quickly became my passion and my drive in life. And here we are, seven years later after being asked the infamous question “what do you want to be when you are older,” I have found it with my first job out of school. I am a mountain bike instructor and guide for Kingdom Cycling and Experiences, and doing this work has brought an immense amount of fulfillment and happiness to my life. I have done a lot of thought into what makes this job stand out from others. First off, I don’t view it as a “job,” I view it as a career. I can easily say I want to be doing this for the rest of my life, whether I am guiding or just working in the mountain bike industry, this is where I want to be. Another reason why this job stands out is because of the values and passion that everyone has here at Kingdom Cycling. Whether it’s Collin and Caitlin, or any of our Instructors and guides, everybody is passionate and believes in the mission of what we do and the value of our work. I call this the “why factor.” The “why factor” is the purpose which stems from our passion.

Mountain biking has done a lot for me in my life. It has developed into something very important to my way of life. I was able to find myself through cycling and now it’s my identity. Mountain biking has benefited my life in countless ways. To name a few, riding allowed me to achieve a better understanding of my relationship with the outdoors and nature, it also surrounded me with an amazing community, helped me form many connections and deepen friendships into lifelong relationships, as well as provide an excellent and efficient way to keep my body and mind healthy. These are benefits that can seriously improve quality of life. What really makes this my dream job is that I get to help others out everyday by introducing them to this great sport. As an Instructor and guide I am motivated to provide memorable experiences through mountain biking so my clients can achieve the same benefits I was able to. Working at Kingdom Cycling and Experiences has allowed me to hack the system, because everyday when I wake up, I can’t wait to get to my dream job.

Thanks, and see you on the trails!

Alex Greco

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