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Get to know Caitlin

Caitlin grew up in Ridgefield, CT and was bitten by the travel bug very early on in life. Starting out as a francophile, Caitlin spent a summer in Minnesota going to French immersion camps (definitely not nerdy at all) and dreamed of living in Paris one day. Fast forward to freshman year of college in Boston, Caitlin decided to transfer to the American University of Rome on a whim and finish out her college career there. She then became a tour guide and started a tour company with a friend. After living in Rome for 7 years, she moved back to the US and met Collin, and the rest is history! Always knowing that she would incorporate her passion for travel and tourism into whatever she did, she and Collin started Kingdom Cycling & Experiences to merge their passions into one collaborative venture.


  1. Why is traveling so important to you?

Because it literally changed my life! Moving to another country opened my eyes to so many things and changed me more as a person than anything else I have experienced as of yet.

2.What do you look most forward to in your travels?

Traveling anywhere (even to a city near you that you’ve never been to before) is an opportunity to kind of try on another way of life so to speak. Can you be a New Yorker and live in one of the busiest cities in the world? What would life be like if you did? Or what about moving to a tropical island? Somewhere where you can’t speak the language? Going to new places and really experiencing them is such a great way to learn more about yourself.

3.Why is working in travel and tourism your dream job?

There is nothing better than being able to transfer your passion and love for a place to other people who are experiencing it for the first time. I get so into researching a new place I am traveling to (or even places I have been to before) – nothing gets me more excited than planning a trip. I’m also the non-official travel agent for most of my family and friends; I absolutely love putting trips together and customizing them towards what I know a person would love. To an extent, this is exactly what I do with KC&E.

4. If you could travel anywhere at any time past, present or future where and when would you travel?

Too hard! I would go pretty much anywhere. Italy is my adopted home country so literally anywhere in Italy – even places I have been to a million times. Some of my favorite places to explore in Italy so far (besides Rome) have been the coast of Calabria (specifically Scalea and Tropea), Sicily and the Aeolian Islands, and little hillside towns in Umbria and Lazio, such as Civita’ di Bagnoregio. The middle east/central Asia in general fascinates me – still hoping to get to Petra in Jordan as that’s been on my bucket list forever. But really, anywhere and everywhere.

*If you have any questions about Italy (most specifically Rome) please feel free to email me (! I love assisting in trip planning in any way I can. *

5. What is your most favorite outdoor adventure?

Hiking in Turkey was pretty cool! My friend Julia and I trekked through Goreme (specifically “Love Valley” – named for it’s phallic rock formations) and it was incredible. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!


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