Helpful Tips to Get Your Kids into Mountain Biking

Many of us are lucky to have experienced the amazing benefits that mountain biking has to offer. It’s only natural for us to want our children to reap the same rewards we have benefited from. Mountain biking is an excellent way for kids to connect with the outdoors and nature at an early age, it provides them a great outlet to stay active and healthy, and is an awesome way to see friends and meet new kids! Mountain biking is also an extremely effective way to increase self esteem for youth. Biking stands out from other team sports because it is much less competitive. There is a perfect balance between fun and setting personal goals to improve, which is perfect for kids! What’s really awesome about this sport is that kids can start riding at early ages and both boys and girls can participate together.

Some may think that getting kids into mountain biking can be difficult, but it’s not always as hard as people think! There are many tips and pointers to help out in this process, here they are:

  • Dont push your kids into something they don’t want to do. Let them initiate interest first. But plant the seed by mentioning how fun riding is! The earlier you plant the seed, the better. let things happen naturally.
  • Ask them if they would be interested in trying it out. You can see if they would want to try it out with a friend first, or go one-on-one with you, or even take an Instructional lesson. Just make sure they are comfortable in their decision.
  • Safety is always first! It’s very important to provide appropriate gear for your children so they feel comfortable. Don’t forget about protective gear, providing pads is an awesome way to boost confidence.
  • Once they get the hang of pedaling and riding doubletrack, gradually increase the difficulty. Progression is key.
  • Use pump tracks for practice, so they can understand bike and body control.
  • Patience is a virtue.
  • Provide encouragement. And never lead them into something that will deter them or their confidence.
  • Always remember that it will happen naturally, if they really want it, they will achieve their goal in the end.
  • Preach safety frequently.

And before you know it, you’ll be trying to keep up with them! Have fun, and see you on the trails!

Alex Greco  

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