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Jane is a Cat 1/Pro XC racer with team Flying Wombats. She is from Norwich, VT and rides almost every day. Riding trails to her feels like the ultimate form of connection–to herself, the bike, the world. She loves it. There’s nothing quite as thrilling as navigating singletrack on a mountain bike. She grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and spent her childhood bushwhacking through woods, hills, and creek beds behind her house. She left home at age fourteen to attend Burke Mountain Academy in East Burke, VT. During those four years she fostered a deep appreciation for the Green Mountain State and for the wonderfully well-defined and ever-changing northern seasons. And for the trails!

MTB Skills Clinic @ Greenland Woods!

 Women’s Clinic Dates
October 13: 9-11am & 12-2pm
October: 14 9-11am & 12-2pm
Kids’ Clinics
Oct 27: 9-11am & 12-2pm
There’s a new network in town! And it’s perfect for improving your MTB skills. These trails are fast, flowy, and built with the beginner and intermediate rider in mind. We’ll cover basic skills in this guided two-hour clinic, including body position and cornering, and help you roll on with more confidence and joy on the bike. Clinic fee is the same as what it costs to ride this remarkable network: a SMILE and a positive vibe. Limited to 10 riders!

To book private instruction or event message Jane!