Day Trips

A note about our day tour! All tours can either be done as mountain biking or gravel riding

Bucolic Breezeway

Our two hour, introductory tour on very easy, lightly variable terrain that is suitable for families and individuals who are new to or have never been mountain biking or dirt road riding before. If you are looking for an entertaining, family friendly ride that will introduce you to the trails, dirt roads, and give you the chance to enjoy some amazing scenery, this tour is for you.

The Cliffnotes

Our best seller! “The Cliffnotes” gives you a chance to enjoy MTB instruction and an applicational ride, all given by a qualified instructor. The Cliffnotes is the best of both worlds, and gives you a chance to improve your skills and have a ride customized just to you, your ability level, and your personal preferences.

The Hits

One of our most popular options, “The Hits” lets you experience many of the best trails or dirt roads in the area; or the trails you are absolutely dying to ride! This is the condensed version of our epic “Kingdom Tour.” Fully customizable; otherwise based on ability and fitness level.

Private Instruction

This is the best way to address your exact needs - whether you want to just generally improve your skills or you have something specific in mind (ie. cornering), private instruction is the best option for you! We customize our instruction to you, your goals, your fitness level, and your ability level. Our instructional curriculum seeks to minimize long, boring stints of drills - most of our instruction is done on the trail often utilizing filmed footage, offering a different perspective to instruction which our clients find extremely helpful.

The Kingdom Tour

Our epic Kingdom Tour hits all of the famous, best, and most popular trails or dirt roads in the area. If you want to experience the best that Kingdom Trails and the Northeast Kingdom has to offer, then the Kingdom Tour is for you!

Gravel & Gastronomy

Litchfield County is known for it’s beautiful rolling hills and unique artisanal gastronomic culture. Take an amazing adventure by bike through the countryside, enjoying all that the area has to offer! There are both guided and self guided options for this adventure.

KT Challenge

Have you ever wanted to hop on your bike in the morning and ride all day on some of the best and most beautiful trails in North America? What if we upped the ante and added in food stations with delicious, local food and beverages, pre-ride coffee and pastries, apres-ride beverages and an amazing meal, as well as ample maple fuel? Well this is the event for you!