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Have You Ever Heard of LNT?

By Alex Greco In my last blog post I wrote about the environmental impacts of mountain biking and the importance of outdoor recreation and environmental conservation. I did not mention the specific actions that you can take as a mountain biker to protect and conserve your trails. Individual actions go a long way. Every time

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Real Food VS Sports Nutrition Products

By Dr. Cassie Maximenko Athletes ask me all the time “what do you think of XYZ product?” and my answer is almost always “Well, that depends…” Sports nutrition products come in all different forms with many different claims and purposes.  So when is the right time to consume something from a package versus real food?

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Malaga Venture

By Chris Mehlman When I decided to take a year off between high school and college to focus on racing, I knew that I wanted to try to spend some time in a warmer climate to train over the winter. After a lot of time researching places to go, I realized that, surprisingly, the US

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Finding motivation when the going gets tough

By Chris Mehlman Riding your bike is always supposed to be enjoyable, right? While many of us don’t want to admit it, there are some days when it’s tough to get out the door. Those Instagram-worthy bluebird days filled with hero dirt and friends are what we all envision and love, but some days, we

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Activities for kids in the Burke area when it’s raining

By Caitlin Daulong We get this question a lot. It came up again this week and so we decided a blog post was in order! Let’s face it: you likely didn’t come to the Burke area to spend your time inside. It can be a real bummer when your best laid plans become obsolete due

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