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Christine Bengtson

Christine has been riding the Kingdom Trails since their inaugural year. This makes her an expert on the trail network, and an all around super talented mountain biker. Christine is a long time St. Johnsbury resident, and has 3 adult daughters. She is also an avid road biker, so if you are looking for a long day on the saddle, Christine is your perfect guide!

Ian Dowling

Ian is one of our client favorites – everyone LOVES him and loves riding with him! Ian is PMBI certified, and is an encouraging, informative and all-around great mountain bike instructor. He will be one of the coaches at Trail Ninja Training Camp this September. Please let us know when booking if you would like Ian to be your guide; he gets booked up very quickly!

Carrie Tomczyk

Carrie is an extremely talented, experienced rider, with a passion for making mountain biking accessible to everyone! Born and raised in the NEK, Carrie is the co-owner of Village Sport Shop. Carrie is a fun, patient & personable guide – and would be perfect for seasoned as well as novice riders!

Keara Kresser

Keara was born and raised in the Northeast Kingdom, and grew up skiing and biking. Currently, Keara is studying photography at Castleton State College. She has worked at Kingdom Trails for the past few years, and now moon lights at Village Sport Shop Trailside. Keara is an extremely energetic, talented rider, trying to extend her passion for cycling to others. She is great with kids, and would be the perfect choice for instruction for your little ones! She is also a fantastic guide and instructor for any adult.

Kory Buck

Kory is one of the most fun guys to ride with and watch ride. If he were a hashtag he would be #lovesbackwheel. His playful riding style and easy going personality will make you feel confident with an ear to ear grin on the trails.

Quinn Campbell

Quinn started racing in 2015 and after a stellar first season, winning every race he entered in Cat 2 DH and Enduro 15 – 18 by impressive margins, he was picked up by Giant Co-Factory Team for 2016. This year he moved up a Cat, racing Junior Expert, and has remained consistent with his results. Winning, or standing on the podium at every event he’s raced thus far. It’s not uncommon to see Quinn, at 17 years old, sitting top ten in the Pro field. A 6th place pro finish at the Attitash Enduro and recently, a 7th place pro downhill finish after winning with a twenty second lead in the Junior Expert Cat. Besides having a bright future in bike racing he also exemplifies a great advocate for cycling to a younger generation and all.

Jane LeMasurier

Jane is a Cat 1/Pro XC racer with team Flying Wombats. Jane is from Norwich, VT and rides almost every day. Riding trails to me feels like the ultimate form of connection–to myself, my bike, my world. I love it. There’s nothing quite as thrilling as navigating singletrack on a mountain bike. I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and spent my childhood bushwhacking through woods, hills, and creek beds behind our house. I left home at age fourteen to attend Burke Mountain Academy in East Burke, VT. During those four years I fostered a deep appreciation for the Green Mountain State and for the wonderfully well-defined and ever-changing northern seasons. And for the trails!

Moriah Wilson

Moriah is most known for her Ski racing being a student athlete at Dartmouth College and having graduated from Burke Mountain Academy in 2014. however, growing up at the heart of Kingdom Trails she is no stranger to mountain biking. In 2014 she took a stab at XC mountain bike racing with great success,in her first ever race she was mistakenly added into CAT 1 but finished second. Moriah’s drive and athleticism developed over years of highly competitive ski racing certainly puts her at an advantage in her pursuit of mountain bike racing.