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Collin Daulong

Collin Daulong, co-owner of Kingdom Cycling & Experiences, has a BS in Exercise Science from Miami University of Ohio, is a certified PMBIA Skills Instructors, USA Cycling Coach, and has his Wilderness First Aid Certification. His passion for cycling started at a very young age and has guided his direction through life culminating in creating Kingdom Cycling and Experiences with his wife. His passion for cycling, travel and authentic experiences keeps him hungry to continue creating memorable adventures both on and off the bike. ​ 

Christine Bengtson

Christine has been riding the Kingdom Trails since their inaugural year. This makes her an expert on the trail network, and an all around super talented mountain biker. Christine is a long time St. Johnsbury resident, and has 3 adult daughters. She is also an avid road biker, so if you are looking for a long day on the saddle, Christine is your perfect guide!

Karen Wilson

As a kid, Karen found shortcuts on her 10 speed through many wooded trails in CT. That made riding the Kingdom Trails with the guys who carved out the first trails, prior to its birth, second nature. Karen’s enthusiasm for sharing her love of the sport with kids and adults makes her the ideal match for novice riders or anyone wanting to build confidence and skill. Her background as a classroom teacher and in hospitality adds to her ability to guide and instruct. Her years of riding and knowledge of the area will help you choose and navigate trails in a way that will be fun and adventurous. She also happens to be the mom of another of our guides Moriah!

Neal Burton

Neal Burton affectionately know as the “Tahr” is a TrainingPeaks certified level 1 coach and owner of MTBBurton Coaching. Neal has been riding and racing mountain bikes for over 25 years, most of which as one of the top regional professionals in the Northeast and when he is not out shredding single track he can be found in the nearest donut or ice cream shop.

Keara Kresser

Keara was born and raised in the Northeast Kingdom, and grew up skiing and biking. Currently, Keara is studying photography at Castleton State College. She has worked at Kingdom Trails for the past few years, and now moon lights at Village Sport Shop Trailside. Keara is an extremely energetic, talented rider, trying to extend her passion for cycling to others. She is great with kids, and would be the perfect choice for instruction for your little ones! She is also a fantastic guide and instructor for any adult.

Tom Seymour

Tom is a lifelong cyclist and bike mechanic who has been thriving in the NEK for the past four years. His favorite types of riding are trail riding and gravel roads and he really enjoys combining both for a long day in the saddle. Tom is also an occasional endurance racer who has completed the 2 lap version of Circumburke, the VT50 and D2R2. He also enjoys shorter trail rides with friends and his dog Ziggy. Whether you’re looking for some entry level instruction or a mixed-surface adventure, Tom would be a great guide.

Quinn Campbell

Quinn started racing in 2015 and after a stellar first season, winning every race he entered in Cat 2 DH and Enduro 15 – 18 by impressive margins, he was picked up by Giant Co-Factory Team for 2016. This year he moved up a Cat, racing Junior Expert, and has remained consistent with his results. Winning, or standing on the podium at every event he’s raced thus far. It’s not uncommon to see Quinn, at 17 years old, sitting top ten in the Pro field. A 6th place pro finish at the Attitash Enduro and recently, a 7th place pro downhill finish after winning with a twenty second lead in the Junior Expert Cat. Besides having a bright future in bike racing he also exemplifies a great advocate for cycling to a younger generation and all.

Jane LeMasurier

Jane is a Cat 1/Pro XC racer with team Flying Wombats. Jane is from Norwich, VT and rides almost every day. Riding trails to me feels like the ultimate form of connection–to myself, my bike, my world. I love it. There’s nothing quite as thrilling as navigating singletrack on a mountain bike. I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and spent my childhood bushwhacking through woods, hills, and creek beds behind our house. I left home at age fourteen to attend Burke Mountain Academy in East Burke, VT. During those four years I fostered a deep appreciation for the Green Mountain State and for the wonderfully well-defined and ever-changing northern seasons. And for the trails!

Patrick Howell

Patrick has been enjoying that simple pleasure of riding a bike his entire life; from racing on BMX bikes in his youth, to mountain and road bike racing as an adult.   As a certified professional mountain bike instructor and a level 2 USA Cycling coach Patrick now shares his passion with other cyclists of all skills and fitness levels.  “For me creating and sharing a memorable riding experience is a day well spent in the saddle”  Patrick can now be found guiding and coaching all over New England …. and enjoying the simple pleasure of riding a bike. 

Marie Vaine

Marie started road biking in high school and raced for Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC before coming north to Vermont. Here, she learned the joys of mountain biking on Kingdom Trails. As a Mountain Recreation Management major with a concentration in Adventure Leadership at Lyndon State College, she loves having Burke and KT as her backyard. Between rock and ice climbing, backpacking, and teaching yoga, Marie spends as much time as she can riding her favorite KT trails. She loves to share the beautiful Vermont mountain bike trails and her excitement about riding bikes. Marie is a certified Yoga Instructor, Climbing Wall Instructor and Wilderness First Responder. 

Alex Greco

My name is Alex and I love to play outdoors. I am a student at Northern Vermont University, And I study mountain recreation and environmental education. I am an avid mountain biker and skier. Mountain biking is special to me because it allows me to connect with nature and friends. 

-Wilderness first responder 
-American institute for avalanche research and education level 1 
-American institute for avalanche research and education level 2