Why You Should Go on a MTB Skills Weekend

So…you’re considering a mountain bike skills weekend, but you don’t know what to expect and you don’t know if it’s right for you. You know that you want to improve your skills (regardless of your current skill level), but how do you know if a skills weekend in the right way to go about it?  Read on for some reasons why you might want to consider a mountain bike skills weekend!

You Get Uncomfortable or Intimidated Riding with Other People

Riding with big groups of people, people you don’t know very well, or people who you know are more advanced than you gives you serious anxiety. You don’t want to hold anyone up or negatively impact their ride, but it’s hard to find people that ride at your exact level. This is where skills clinics come in! Our coordinators ensure that you are in the perfect group for you – with people who ride at your level! If you are a woman and you aren’t a fan of riding with groups of men, we have women’s specific skills weekends.

Increase Your Confidence

Increasing your confidence is THE key to enjoying your riding more! When you feel defeated or too challenged by something, your confidence will decrease and your enjoyment will go down. Our # 1 goal with our skills weekends – besides safety – is that when you drive away on Sunday you feel infinitely more confident than when you arrived. Improving your skills and then successfully applying them  to terrain which was previously challenging – this guarantees increased self-confidence on your bike! This is also why our skills weekends are riding heavy (no standing on a field doing drills all day!) – you cannot increase your confidence without repeatedly utilizing your new skills on varying terrain.

You Can’t See Yourself When You Ride – but your instructor can

It is incredible what targeted instruction can accomplish! Trying to improve on your own through study and repetition will result in micro-improvements, but the fact remains that it is impossible for you to see your own blind spots. Having an instructor watch you while, for example, you go through a cornering exercise means that you will receive targeted advice on things that you otherwise wouldn’t even realize you needed to improve upon.

You Can ALWAYS Improve – No Matter Your Skills Level

So you’re an advanced rider who has been riding for years. There is no way you will benefit from skills instruction, right? WRONG. You can always find something to improve upon, and, like we mentioned above – instructors will illuminate to you things you otherwise might not be aware of. Skills weekends offer the best bang for your buck in terms of hours of instruction and riding to relative cost per hour.

You Will Have Fun and Make New Friends!

Finding like minded people to ride with can be tough. Make new friends, eat great food, experience beautiful Vermont trails and sunsets, and spend a weekend doing what you love to do! What could be better?

We are offering several skills weekends in 2019 at Kingdom Trails. Our Queens of the Kingdom skills weekend is women’s specific, and Conquer the Kingdom is a unisex skills weekend. As always, please reach out to us with any questions at all!

We hope to ride with you soon!

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